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Patty Young

Patty Young is the owner and chief instructor of Young’s Uechi-Ryu Karate and Fitness and currently ranked Yondan (5th degree black belt). She began training in Uechi-Ryu in 1995 and earned Shodan (1st degree) in 1999. Patty teaches in all levels of Karate and H.I.I.T/Kickboxing classes at the YURKF.Before studying Uechi, Patty also trained for 3 years in Chito Ryu and has some experience in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Patty took over ownership of the Kentville Karate Academy (now Young’s Uechi-Ryu Karate and Fitness) in 2003 and has been an irreplaceable instructor here since 1997.

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Kristin Amirault

Kristin Amirault is a Yondan (5th degree black belt) who began training in Uechi-Ryu in 1994 and received Shodan (1st degree) in 1998. Along with her Uechi training Kristin has also taken some Akido classes and used to occasionally train with a Shotokan Karate club.Kristin has been a dedicated instructor in the KKA/YURKF since 1997, has taught all age groups and ranks but currently teaches the Adult/Junior Beginner class and the Adult/Junior mixed classes.

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Lisa Tanner

Lisa Tanner began training in Uechi-Ryu as a youth in the 1970’s and came back to the style as an adult. Lisa received the rank of Nidan in 2014.She is a valuable and knowledgable instructor who teaches in both the junior and adult programs and likes to run a challenging traditional class.


Owner of Young’s Uechi-Ryu Karate and Fitness, Patty Young, teaches most of the H.I.I.T/ Kickboxing classes. She teaches a great workout that is always new and exciting. She adds real boxing techniques along with a great cardio workout that will leave you feeling like you have worked your whole body. If you want a intense workout come and try this class, you will not be disappointed.

All H.I.I.T/Kickboxing Fitness instructors have been trained personally by Patty. Sue Reid, Jennifer Boyd, Marcia Gibson and our newest teachers Carolyn Slaulenwhite and Shonna Van Oostrum. All of these ladies have been training for years and bring their own twist to each class so it’s always exciting and you never get bored of the same workout class after class.