Young’s Ultimate H.I.I.T / Kickboxing is an intense workout using Kickboxing moves in the air and on free standing heavybags, it also includes leg and abdominal work with stretching at the end, all set to great music that makes you want to move. If you want to lose inches and define your muscle mass this workout will do it. Out of all the workouts I have ever done this workout builds the best core strength that will help in everyday life and other sports that you play. If you have a strong core then your whole body will benefit. This workout is highly addictive and extremely fun, all while burning many calories. The Cardio program welcomes individuals aged 14 and up.
One month membership …….. $75.00

Three month membership …..$195.00

Drop In Rate………………..…..$10.00

For all classes if there are two people from the same family there will be a 10% discount, three members a 15% discount.

* All fees include HST.