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Uechi-Ryu Karate

Anyone who has studied a Martial Art can attest to the many benefits to be experienced. Uechi-Ryu Karate is no different. People practice Karate for a variety of reasons. Those who work hard can achieve their goals and more. Uechi-Ryu is a challenging and fun form of exercise. Students who train hard soon experience improvements in their strength, speed, flexability, endurance, balance and focus. For those individuals who enjoy competition, there are many opportunities to test their skills at tournaments, as well as in the more relaxed atmosphere of the Dojo.

Karate training can be an excellent form of relieving stress and anxiety. One of the most important benefits of Karate training is the boost it can be to one’s self image and confidence. Karate teaches self discipline, respect for self and others, and awareness of one’s own body and health. Joining a Karate Dojo can be a rewarding and life changing experience, but remember, you will only achieve those goals that you strive for and push yourself towards.

We have a relaxed atmosphere at our Dojo which is very inviting, our workouts are guaranteed to leave you feeling fulfilled, empowered and excited. Our qualified instructors are very passionate about what they teach and are eager to see everyone achieve their goals and expectations.

Dojo Etiquette

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  • Please remove footwear & place it out of the way upon entering.
  • Keep talking & noise to a minimum during class.
  • Ensure that siblings watching the class do so quietly.
  • Never let siblings run on Dojo floor while there is a class in progress.
  • Please do not speak to your children while they are in class, leave the teaching to the instructor.
  • Parents should drop off students no earlier than 5 minutes before class starts & be there to pick them up when class ends.


  • When class is finished please change quickly and quietly and leave promptly out of respect for the next class.
  • Please remove outdoor footwear & place it out of the way upon entering.


  • Always bow when entering and exiting the Dojo.
  • Please remove footwear & place it out of the way upon entering.
  • Do not walk through the centre of an ongoing class.
  • After arriving at the Dojo, please quickly change into your Gi, then quietly work on Karate or stretch.
  • When arriving late for class, stand quietly at the back and wait for the instructor to bow you in.
  • All students should address all instructors as “Sensei” while in the Dojo.
  • There is NO tolerance for bullying or teasing in the club. If a student is caught doing this a verbal warning will be issued. If this behaviour continues the student will not be welcome back.
  • Always bow to students and instructors before & after working out with them.
  • Remove all jewellery before working out.
  • Always come to class with a clean body, a clean Gi, and trimmed nails.
  • No food or gum in class.
  • Do not use profanity in the Dojo.
  • Keep talking to a minimum while working out.
  • Treat all students & instructors with respect.
  • Always set a good example in and outside the Dojo.
  • Never use your Karate outside the Dojo unless you are attacked and must defend yourself.
  • Respect what you have learned.